Our Team

Here is the NORM3D team and its focus on the members of the company to know them better

François LOZES


François has always been motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit passionate from the beginning about computers, his goal was to acquire many technical skills to develop his business project. François has a doctorate in image and 3D data processing.


Research ingineer

Interested in everything related to programming, image processing, GIS, and machine learning.


Community manager

Passionate about communication and the web, Tom manages all the distribution of information on different channels (website, social network). He is pursuing a training in web marketing.

Abderrahim ELMOATAZ

Scientific Advisor

Abderrahim is a professor and researcher in image processing and computer science at the University of Caen Normandy. He brings his scientific support within the framework of the PACTE law to promote the work of the University of Caen.

Our Objectif

Our goal is to facilitate access to 3D treatment, by offering solutions and services tailored to the needs of customers.

NORM3D is a company that dares to innovate by conducting research and development. The solutions created are based on a knowledge base and know-how in the field of 3D with internationally recognized scientific works.

Our company intervenes in several fields of application, notably cultural heritage, industry 4.0 and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Our values


We make sure that our processing services are easily reusable and interoperable, notably by using open protocols (API, SaaS).

The data we process is stored on servers in France by a French company, because we have a duty to guarantee the non-disclosure of confidential customer data (e.g. 3D processing of the interior of a product manufacturing plant).


We make sure to meet the needs of our customers by co-creating innovative solutions by involving the customer throughout the project.

The succession of good experiences allows the construction of a relationship of trust. And it is with trust that we will unlock project opportunities.


NORM3D dares to innovate by conducting R&D in 3D data processing. At NORM3D we are convinced that it is necessary to invest in 3D today to create the technologies of tomorrow.