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NORM3D offers innovative 3D data processing services, using its technical and scientific knowledge to provide innovative solutions in a wide range of fields.


NORM3D provides 3D data analysis tools to meet needs in the building renovation market. Our semi-automatic assistance tools save time in generating the 3D digital model.


Cultural Heritage

NORM3D provides cultural heritage enhancement services through the analysis and processing of 3D data. The services offered relate to navigation, reconstruction and restoration of 3D data.

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Industry 4.0

NORM3D provides services to support the modeling of customized objects. The solutions offered are compatible with industrial use (machining, milling).

Use case
industrie 4.0

Co-construction service for innovative solutions

We offer tailor-made services for the co-construction of innovative solutions in order to effectively meet the specific needs of our clients. We involve our clients throughout the entire project from the design phase to completion, relying on agile methods. We draw on more than 15 years of professional experience in computer engineering.

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