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3D digital mock-up modeling service

SaaS support tool

NORM3D offers a time-saving assistance tool for BIM modelers to build 3D digital object from a 3D point cloud. The solution adopts with a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach, requires supplying the 3D point cloud to be analyzed to the NORM3D's plateform.

The 3D data processing platform is compatible with the majority of 3D point cloud file formats (E57, RCP, ...). Once processed, the result can be exploited either via a simple web browser, Autodesk Revit software, or with a Restful API.

Online tool via web browser

NORM3D is an online 3D point cloud manipulation tool accessible from a web browser. The tool enables visualization and sharing of 3D point clouds, and also integrates functionalities linked to building design, such as adding levels and editing walls, windows and slabs.

Export IFC

The results are provided in IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format to facilitate the retrieval, use and interoperability of NORM3D processing results with BIM modelers. The digital mock-up can then be enhanced using IFC-compatible CAD software.


Processing results can be easily interoperated with existing workflows using the open standard HTTPS protocol (HTTP+SSL/TLS), as well as JSON as a data exchange format. With this approach, NORM3D's solution acts as a middleware within your value chain.