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Use case: Plug N'Work


NORM3D develops innovative 3D data processing solutions for companies. NORM3D is involved in several fields of application, in particular Building Information Modeling (BIM), to save time in the reconstruction of 3D digital models for the energy renovation market. This page presents the progress of the BIM project involving the analysis of the Plug N'Work building in Colombelles, where NORM3D's offices are located.

3D digitalization

First, a 3D survey of the building is carried out to collect a 3D point cloud of the building envelope to be analyzed. This 3D data is then automatically processed to create the beginnings of a 3D digital model, without human intervention.

Upload 3D data

The building was scanned using a terrestrial lidar scanner. The various captures were consolidated to form a global 3D point cloud, which was sent to a data processing platform compatible with most file formats (E57, RCP, etc.).

Analysis of 3D point clouds

The 3D point cloud received by our processing platform is analyzed to automatically extract building components. A secure link is generated to access our online tool via a simple web browser to view and share the 3D point cloud with processing results.

Export IFC

The results are provided in IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format to facilitate the retrieval, use and interoperability of NORM3D processing results with BIM modelers. The digital mock-up can then be enhanced using IFC-compatible CAD software.